Appliance Repair In Colorado Springs

Dryer Repair In Colorado SpringsAre you having trouble with your washer again? Then Peak Appliance is the company to call because we are the best at Appliance Repair in Colorado Springs. We can service any appliance that you have in your home but this month we are focusing on washer’s and some common problems that we see when we make service calls. Here are three quick items to check for if your washer is acting up.

  1. Washer won’t spin – the easiest thing to check for here is to see if your lid switch is broken. If your washer fills up with water and then won’t agitate the laundry, then you probably have a broken lid switch. These are easy fixes and will last for years once they are repaired, saving you hundreds of dollars.
  2. Slow or no fill – this one is always frustrating. If you close the lid and the washer takes forever to fill up the reservoir or it doesn’t even do it at all, you probably have a broken water valve. This is a same day fix and something we can take care of for you in 24 hours or less. Water valves last 3-5 years, so replacing this one will keep your washer running for a long time.
  3. It won’t drain the water – then you probably something clogging your drain. Those missing earrings you’ve been looking for, or that ring you lost. Maybe the coin you had in your pocket, it’s probably in that pump or the pump hose. Be sure to check that and if it still doesn’t drain, give us a call.

Those are the three tips we have this week and we’ll have one more blog next week for you. If you are having any Appliance Repair in Colorado Springs needs, be sure to call Peak Appliance!