More Washer Repair In Colorado Springs Tips

Colorado Springs Appliance RepairWe’re back for the second part of the series on Washer Repair In Colorado Springs tips for you to check on before you ask for a service call from Peak Appliance! Here are three more tips to make sure your appliance lasts as long as possible and if it starts to act up, be sure to give us a call so we can check it out for you.

  1. Don’t use too much detergent – those lines on your detergent cap tell you how much detergent is the correct amount for the appropriate size load you are washing. If you use too much detergent, you can leave film and residue on your washer, which can build up and deteriorate the performance and longevity of your washer.
  2. Clean your washer regularly – this is one that is often over looked. You need to wash your washer. I know, crazy! But keep washing your washer at least once a month so you can check for build up, clogged crevices and make sure there are no missing screws or parts.
  3. Move laundry to the dryer ASAP – this one is big. We all get busy and it’s hard sometimes to transfer laundry immediately. But when you leave laundry in your washer, it causes your clothes to get smelly and it can create mold and mildew in your washer. If that happens, you’ll need more than repair, you’ll need a new washer completely.

We hope that these six tips have helped over the past two weeks and if you need washer repair in Colorado Springs, be sure to call Peak Appliance first!