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“We at Ashford Realty Group have found the team at Peak Appliance to be reliable, proven professionals that we have utilized in both the property management and real estate sides of our business.”

Melissa T. Colorado Springs:

I called Peak Appliance because my washing machine was not draining out. I spoke to Brian over the phone and briefly described my issue to him. After talking with Brian, I could just tell that this guy knew what he was talking about. I booked a service call with him and he sent out Peyton the next day. Peyton showed up on time and with parts in hand.Within about 45 minutes Peyton had my machine up and running. This is my first time using this company, I have used Action Appliance in the past and I will never use that company again after this experience with Peak Appliance. These guys are first rate and honest. I highly recommend if you are reading this to use this company, you will not regret it.

Jack R. Colorado Springs:

Prompt, courteous service, accommodated our work schedule and came after 5 pm. I highly recommend this company.

Doug W. Colorado Springs:

I called Peak Appliance because my dryer was not heating. I spoke to Brian about my issue. Brian was very professional and asked me questions to help diagnose the problem over the phone. I was impressed that Brian gave me two options about my repair before booking a call with them. He told me that he thought it could be a heating element and that I could fix it myself if that was the issue. He also told me that there could be other issues that caused the heating element to fail (blockage of the venting system). After talking to Brian I felt that he had my best interest in mind so I booked a service call with them. The service technician called me 30 minutes before he arrived and confirmed the issue that he received from Brian. The Technician showed up on time and had the parts with him. He fixed my dryer and I was up and running. This company rocks….THANK YOU PEAK APPLIANCE…Your customer service rocks and your service people respected my home. I hope I do not have too use again, but if I do…I know I will be taken care of……FYI I just sent my friend Cathy your way, she has a microwave that is not heating.

Terry G. Monument:

What a great experience I had with Peak Appliance of Colorado Springs. I was completely caught off guard by how honest they where. The reason I called this company was because they advertise as being “Honest and Ethical.”, well they are. My issue was I smelled a burning smell coming from my dryer so I called them at about 7:00 pm on a Saturday Night. First thing they me advised me to do was to unplug the dryer look to see if their was any smoke. Thank goodness their was no smoke. The Technician showed up about 45 minutes later and determined that all I needed was my lint trap cleaned out. They could have easily told me that I had something else wrong and charged me for parts and labor that I did not need. They were honest and up front with me. I felt bad that I had these guys come out at almost 8:00 pm on a Saturday for something I should have known what to do. They even agreed to waive the $49.95 service fee and just chalk one up as a learning experience for me. I would not have that, I GLADLY paid the $49.95 and I also threw in a $5.00 tip. I will use this company again and I am telling all my friends about these guys….My recommendation….USE THEM!

Nicholas M. Colorado Springs:

Matt came by and fixed my dishwasher after it started humming really loud and rattling. He let me know that it was the motor and helped repair it for me. He had me scheduled within a day and had it repaired the day he showed up to take a look at it. Only took about an hour to fix and we were able to start washing dishes again. Great job!

Mary M. Fountain:

The Peak Appliance pros worked very quickly solving my dryer repair problems and were efficient and friendly.


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