Washer Repair In Colorado Springs

Washer RepairIs your washer acting up? Do you need washer repair in Colorado Springs? Then you may need Peak Appliance. But before you call, we always like to help out. So check these few common problems with your washer and if this can’t fix it, we’ll be there to bail you out.

  1. Check your hoses – Peak Appliance recommends that you check your hoses monthly. The hot and cold water plugins can bulge, crack or have the fittings wear out. Be sure to check them!
  2. Don’t put too many clothes in – There are settings on your washer that are there for a reason. If you try to overload your washer, you can damage it. It’s always better to run an extra load of clothes so you don’t risk breaking your appliance.
  3. Use good detergent – It’s always tempting to buy the most cost effective detergent but sometimes low quality products can cause build up, deterioration of your appliance and cause it to break down before it should.

We hope those tips help and we’ll have more next week. Be sure to call Peak Appliance if you need washer repair in Colorado Springs!